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kbejcm It often comes accompanied with a kind of smugness too

Welcome to the Youth Activate Forums. Youth Activate was born out of the conviction and struggle of a new class of passionate young patriotic Nigerians who believed in the possibility of a new Nigeria and the establishment of the Nigeria of our dreams.

Our aim is to garner citizen understanding and support, critical to the advancement of our political development and democracy. We support young people to affect positive change for themselves and for their communities; we believe young people sound be invested in; can be part of the solution; want to be empowered and must be listened to. We believe that one person can make a difference; and that together we can achieve great things.

In this forum, we engage our members with a vibrant and modern online community forum. Youth gives power back to the people. Youth Activate is a welcoming community with an amazing moderation team. We're known for having a balanced approach.
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kbejcm It often comes accompanied with a kind of smugness too

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